NIMS University Pledges Alignment with UN-SDG to Pursue 2030 Goals Key Agendas for Global Transformation

As the Chairman and Chancellor of NIMS University, it is my utmost privilege to highlight our institution’s steadfast commitment to aligning our mission with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs). We recognize the pressing need to address global challenges and contribute towards creating a sustainable future for all.

At NIMS University, we believe education plays a crucial role in influencing the world and promoting positive change. Consequently, we have committed ourselves to work closely with the following UN-SDG agendas to ensure that our efforts are in line with the larger vision of attaining the UNSDG 2030 goals:

No Poverty (SDG-1): Since the inception of NIMS, NIMS has been committed and resilient to removing poverty in its surrounding by contributing towards the creation of jobs, therefore, contributing to achieving SDGs.

Zero Hunger (SDG-2): All IPD patients of NIMS Hospital are being served free meals, therefore, contributing to SDGs.

Good Health & Well-Being (SDG-3): Regular health camps, screening camps, training on sanitation, and drinking sanitation are being provided at NIMS.

Quality Education (SDG-4): Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Gender Equality (SDG-5): Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by providing incentives and institutional delivery free of cost.

Clean water and Sanitation (SDG-6): Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG-7): NIMS hospital is committed to clean and sustainable sources of energy. Following the same, NIMS largely operates in solar powered panels throughout its ventures.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG–9): NIMS, with more than 100 industry partners working closely and ensuring innovation in different field of study.

Climate Action (SDG–13): The whole campus of NIMS has more than 100,000 trees providing sustainability for the climate. Further, NIMS is also committed to planting more than 1 million trees around the surrounding Aravali hills for a better and more sustainable environment.

Life on Land (SDG–15): We at NIMS are committed to protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. Therefore, we use 100 % rainwater by means of rainwater harvesting and having all ecosystems reuse wastewater.