Collaboration in Siemens Healthineers and NIMS University: Partnership for Providing the Best Stroke Care

Collaboration in Siemens Healthineers and NIMS University: Partnership for Providing the Best Stroke Care

NIMS University has joined hands with Siemens Healthineers by signing an MoU on 4th July 2023. NIMS has inaugurated a state-of-the-art center that is the first center for stroke in India that complies with the guidelines of NABH and WSO (World Stroke Organization, an organization working in Latin America).

The signing ceremony was graced by Pro Chancellor- Dr. Sanjeev Sharma and Vice Chancellor- Prof. (Dr.) Sundeep Mishra from NIMS University and Representatives from Siemens Healthineers. This collaboration will play a massive role in providing better stroke management and creating awareness about its effects and care. The alliance with Siemens Healthineers will open doors for NIMS University following the arrival of WSO in India. This emergence will be marked as NIMS University would be the first to benefit and be certified under this partnership program.

India experiences a 60 percent stroke rate globally, of which only 2 to 3 percent is treated. If not recognized or treated on time, stroke can leave an individual bedridden for a lifetime and even result in death. The one hour after suffering from a stroke is classified as a golden hour during which a life can be saved. NIMS University and Siemens Healthineers collectively aim to increase awareness about stroke and its management in the nearby areas, PHCs, CHCs, and district hospitals that will guide people to access professional healthcare during the golden hour of suffering from a stroke.

The NIMS Heart and Brain Hospital (NHBH) will be dedicated to cardio-logical and brain-related diseases with robust infrastructure that offers extraordinary radiology suites, MRI equipment, and overall neurology and neurosurgery facilities with 384 slice dual source CT which is first in Rajasthan. The medical center will provide evidence-based treatment with our expert staff trained at AIIMS, New Delhi, and PGIMER Chandigarh, guaranteeing that our patients have access to world-class stroke care.

Furthermore, this association will allow the establishment of a Hub and Spoke Model at NIMS Hospital in extension to the NIMS Heart and Brain Hospital in Jaipur, along with NIMS Alwar Hospital in Alwar. In accordance with this partnership between NIMS and Siemens Healthineers, we look forward to saving lives and offering the necessary medical support to future generations. This alliance will bring great hope and reduce the burden of stroke, further improving it.