Social Initiatives

“Transforming lives through generosity and compassion”


Jaccha Baccha Yojna

Every girl child born at NIMS Hospital will receive free education from NIMS University till Post Graduation.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

The aim is to provide free school education to every girl child who takes birth at NIMS Hospital.

Free Food for Patients

The focus is that NIMS Hospital will make sure that every patient gets free food.

Gramotthan Abhiyan

The focus is on adopting local villages and trying to turn them into much better and healthier ones.

Aao Khele

The local village sports talents is encouraged and they are provided with free training and facilities.

Nirogi Manush

Activities such as health awareness camps, drug addiction education, heart disease, and lifestyle illness awareness, and others are looked into.

Vidhwa Vidya Daan

The objective is to help widows enhance their lives by offering them high-quality education and support. The amenities include things like literacy programs, family vocational skill development, widow job placement, and educational scholarships.

Kachra Nistarn

The goal of this campaign is to clean up local villages and manage their biowaste. Additionally, the program will raise awareness of biowaste and provide amenities to keep towns hygienic and disease-free, such as biowaste containers and STPs.

Saathi Haath Bhdana

The motive of this campaign would be to offer appropriate guidance to students by providing them career counselling after the completion of 12th grade to help them build a better future.

Samaj Nasha Mukti Manch

The goal is to put synchronize efforts to protect the public from the detrimental impacts of drug use.

Swasthya Jangyan Yojana

The object is to improve primary health care in nearby areas by developing first aid skills in order to save lives.

Gau Mata Jaldhara

The program offers clean water to thirsty cows and cow fodder in rural areas and surrounding villages.

Angdaan Mahadan

Eyes, kidneys, livers, and limb donations are encouraged in this campaign in addition to motivating people to donate organs with the help of awareness camps and donation camps.

Meri Dawa Teri Dawa

Medicines left over from discharged patients will be given to patients who are in need and are poor.

Anashray Antyodaya

Contribution to the children who are orphans in many ways with the help of social development programs, free education, free clothing, books, personality development workshops, and other needs.

Adopt a Hill

Started to protect nearby Aravali hills, the focus on plantation drive, rainwater harvesting, and landscape into the meadow is being put under this initiative.