Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar

M.B.B.S., M.D., M.C.H. (USA)
F.I.A.P., F.A.A.P. (USA)

Pediatric Gastroenterology – Kings College Hospital, London (U.K.)
Pediatric Nutrition – Harvard University (USA)
Fellow Child Health in the USA – World Health Organization
Medical Fellow in London (UK) – Commonwealth
President – International Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Transplant & Nutrition

Institute of Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Institute of organ transplant
Institute of Nutrition & Public health
Institute of Stem Cell & Regenerative medicine
Chairman (Past)
National Council on Skill Development & Petro Chem. ASSOCHAM, New Delhi
International Advisory Board, World Petro Coal, Congress, India

A world-renowned Pediatric Gastroenterologist, a great leader, and the Founder and Chairman of NIMS University, NIMS Hospital, and Niflux Group of Companies, Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar have spent his entire life working towards the betterment of mankind through his immense knowledge and experience in the medical field.

Dr. B.S. Tomar is a renowned name in medical and health circles not only in India, but also abroad, for his versatility, charisma, dynamism, and multifaceted personality. His exceptional work ethic, keen insight, and exceptional talent make him a rare individual who truly believes that serving society is the noblest thing.

Academic Background

Dr. Tomar was not born into a life of privilege, but he was determined to work hard to achieve it. His father wanted him to become a doctor since B.S. Tomar was a child. A father who saw people suffering from different diseases and sicknesses with no cure and chance of survival could just ignore everything as everybody else does, but he felt the pain in his heart seeing people suffering every day in the country and nearby. It was obvious that the father couldn’t do anything about it by himself, as the lack of education and technology was the harsh reality for the generation. But the father knew one thing, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but the future should be kind enough to the people of the country. But the ambitious child had other dreams in his head and wanted to grow into a successful engineer. But soon after his father’s death, he had a new ambition and that was pursuing his father’s dream. This was the moment when a father’s dream set a path for his child with the hope that one day the child, now Dr. B.S. Tomar will change the fate of people by providing them with good health.

B.S. Tomar excelled as a student and was admitted to Gajra Raja Medical College in Gwalior to study medicine. Eventually, his hard work and dedication paid off, as he graduated with a medical degree and a gold medal by earning the top spot in his college. Later, he specialized in Pediatric Nutrition at the prestigious Harvard University, USA, and then he moved to Kings College, London to complete his specialization in Pediatric Liver Disease on scholarship.

He won a gold medal at Kings College and was bestowed with numerous honorary memberships, including MIHP, FACU, and MIAP. Additionally, he received training from the University of San Diego in California, strengthening his academic credentials even further. Additionally, he completed a fellowship via the University of London. He was a WHO fellow in the Commonwealth in London as well as a fellow in child health in the USA. Dr. Tomar, a devoted paediatrician, was one of the first to develop a medicinal cure for the dreaded “Indian Childhood Cirrhosis” with D-penicillamine, a condition that affected children and had a nearly 100% mortality rate.

Advances in Paediatrics, a yearly more sophisticated study book released in the United States of America, included his research and project. After conducting extensive research, he identified and treated the illness. Dr. B.S. Tomar was named a Fellow member of the WHO for his academic and medical excellence. He requested to work on the dreaded rising mortality rates and diseases that plague young people in less developed nations. In his endeavor, he was extremely successful, and he soon received the “Commonwealth Fellowship in London.”

Journey of Excellency

Dr. Balvir S. Tomar won praise for having a distinguished career in medicine and healthcare. He has garnered a lot of admiration over the years for his creativity, dynamism as a leader, commitment to human education, ability to inspire others, and strategic thinking.

After coming back to India, realizing the pain and suffering of children who were dealing with multiple deadly diseases, Dr. B S Tomar set up the very 1st Pediatric Gastroenterology institute in India at the SMS Medical College in Jaipur, entirely from public donation, to address diseases common in children like diarrhea and malnutrition, which were the commonest causes of death. Initially, there was a lack of funds, therefore donations and contributions were the need of the hour. After witnessing his determination, fervor, and wonderful vision, people began contributing money and the center was eventually established. This major step taken by Dr. B.S. Tomar helped to cut the death rate among infants with gastric diseases by 90%.

The very first International World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, founded by Dr. B.S. Tomar in 1995 had around 150 of the most well-known gastroenterologists from all around the globe gathered there. The conference marked a significant turning point in the field of pediatric gastroenterology globally and under the guidance of Dr. Balvir S. Tomar, the world society of pediatric gastroenterology was founded with more than a thousand members. At the second meeting in Boston, he received praise for his extraordinary exceptional efforts in this subject, where he brought together numerous foreign doctors. In addition, Dr. Tomar was also the sole Indian member of the Gastroenterology Society of the United States of America.

Dr. B.S. Tomar kept his passion for learning alive by serving as a visiting professor at Harvard, the University of California, the King’s College in London, and other prestigious medical schools in the US and Europe. He has produced numerous papers and books on pediatrics and serves as the chief editor of numerous prestigious periodicals. Additionally, a lesson dedicated to him is being taught in the Indian Academy of Pediatrics textbook (IAP) as well. Dr. Tomar is a member of numerous organizations around the nation. He holds the position of Director of the Institute of Organ Transplant, Pediatric Gastroenterology, and Hepatology, as well as President of the Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Transplant, and Nutrition. He oversees the Institute of Nutrition, the Institute of Public Health, and the Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells. Besides this, he also holds the position of Chairman of the NIMS Global Group and is the Chairperson of NIMS University Rajasthan, Jaipur. He serves as the chairman of both the national ASSOCHAM National Council on Skill Development and the National Council on Petrochemical and Chemicals. In addition, Dr. Tomar belongs to the National Accreditation Board for Training and Education and the Medical Council of India. According to Dr. Tomar, “Learning and education are essential for a profession based on competence that is sustainable, and education holds the key to a truly remarkable and sustainable job.” NIMS University has developed a center for IJTITP (Indo Japan Technical Intern Training Program) and its goal is to offer a fantastic platform and prepare young students and workers from India to acquire industrial and vocational skills as technical intern trainees in businesses in Japan and thereby enhance their acquired skills through more than 3–4 years of technical intern training so that they can use such skills for industrial and economic development when they return to their home country.

Dr. Tomar also advocated combining conventional and modern medical practices for health care. Dr. Tomar collaborates with the Ministry of Family Welfare and Health’s department of AYUSH to organize an international symposium titled “Integration of Indian Medicinal Systems into Modern Medicine.” He suggested integrating traditional individual medicine in the entire nation as a better strategy for health and medical healthcare globally during a global conference of “Consensus of Child and Pediatrics Health (CIP)” in China in March 2016.

In addition, Dr. Balvir S. Tomar serves as the President of ASSOCHAM, the National Skill Council, and NABET, the Quality Council of India. Additionally, he has benefited from some significant opportunities for coal and petroleum industry skill development. With the help of the Russian federal petroleum technological university UFA, several initiatives have been developed to develop a trained workforce in the petroleum industry.

Education and skill innovation are crucial for a country’s development, and low-quality healthcare and medical services are something that should be worked upon.

Under the strong leadership of Dr. Tomar, NIMS University has earned several recognitions and awards to its credit. Dr. Tomar has led NIMS University with strength and as a result, the university has received numerous accolades and prizes. For the past five years, NIMS University has received the title of “Best University in India” by CEGR, based on a variety of factors. In 2016, “Best professional institute for skill development” was given to NIMS University by the associated chambers of commerce of India. It was once again honored by Assocham in 2018 as the Best Institute for Skill Development. NIMS University is among the top medical science universities for 2015 and has received “The six Sigma Healthcare Excellence Award.” In the same year ‘’Global Environment Award -2015’’ was presented to NIMS University for outstanding achievements in reducing pollution and environmental management.  In 2016, India Today named NIMS University and Medical College as the fifth-best emerging college in India. The best private university in North India by Times research was also awarded to NIMS in 2013. In 2014, the CCI Technology education’s ‘’Excellent Award 2014’’ was given to NIMS University for innovative research. Besides these, the NIMS University has been honoured by many other awards, which includes, “Best Private University” in Rajasthan” by Indian Research Media and Awards 2017, “Best Private University” of the Year 2017 by ASSOCHAM, “Best University” for Skill Development 2018 by ASSOCHAM, “Recognition of Best Multidisciplinary University in India -2019” Awarded By Academic Society for Health and Environment Transformation, “Best Institution for Health Care Services in India-2020” by SPGHTN (India), “Health Care Excellence Award’’ for Outstanding Contribution in Health Care Services-2020 Awarded by Society for Pediatric  Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Transplant and Nutrition (SPGHTN), “Best University Award’’ for Excellence in Vocational and Skill Education -2020 by News India (24×7 Hindi News Channel), International Award for Excellence in Industry, Academic Interface- 2022 Awarded by Gyrocopter Spain, “Best University” in India by CEGR 2021, “Award for Excellence” in Academic & Research 2021 ASHET, India, “Recognition of Excellence” Awarded by Indian Medical Trust- 2021, “Recognition of Excellence in Best Institutional Practices 2021’’ Awarded by Indian Medical Trust and once again “Best University” in India by CEGR, 2022.

Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar has created innumerable possibilities for associates, students, faculty members, and people to improve since he is an adept facilitator and planner. Everyone praises him for upholding the highest standards of morality in both his personal and professional life. The Academic Integrity Office of NIMS University works to support ethical behavior and diversify the faculty. In order to benefit society and the country, he has consistently founded research centers in a variety of fields and engaged in a wide range of charitable activities.

A Super Specialty Hospital with expertise in Cardiology, Hepatology, Neurosciences, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Oncology, IVF, GI, and Liver Sciences, Urology, Critical Care, Bone, and Joint Replacement Surgery, and Emergency Medicine is located on the Medical College campus and at NIMS University. The requirements of lower income groups are catered to by this beautiful hospital, which offers “Healthcare for All.” The hospital is officially recognized by the Government of Rajasthan for the BPL Chief Minister Scheme, Chiranjeevi Yojna, Bhamashah Yojna, Janani Suraksha Yojna, and other welfare government programs. It specializes in providing affordable treatment for all illnesses.

The goal of this university, according to Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar, is to develop a cutting-edge higher education system. The Chairman and Chancellor of NIMS University claim that the university “stands to build links between competency-based technical, employability, and professional education.” Dr. Balvir considers healthcare professionals, patients, students, faculty members, and associates to be essential components of a sizable, close-knit community that works together to advance the most common objectives of human service and the welfare of the country through education and healthcare. His dedication to NIMS University Rajasthan, Jaipur, which he dedicated like a priest to a shrine, has made him a strong pillar in the middle of difficulties, holding aloft the ethics and morals of these enormous institutions.