NIMS University and Murdoch University Australia Forge Partnership to Enhance Global Education Opportunities

On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, I have had the opportunity of signing the Memorandum of Understanding between NIMS University Rajasthan and Murdoch University, Australia. This global partnership has been a historic event that will allow access to new academic opportunities for our students, faculty and researchers from both institutions.

As the Chancellor and Chairman of NIMS University, I feel overjoyed to commemorate an event that is truly a milestone in our relentless pursuit of promoting academic excellence, global partnerships, collaborated research, teaching, training, and extension operations.

I extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Dr Kelly Smith- Pro Vice-Chancellor International at Murdoch University, Australia and Prof. Simon McKirdy, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Global Engagement, for signing the Memorandum of Understanding.  

In addition to prominent representatives from both institutions, the signing event was attended by Pro Chancellor- Dr Sanjeev Sharma, Prof. (Dr.) Sundeep Mishra- Vice Chancellor (President) of NIMS University Rajasthan, and Prof. Tania Urmee – School of Engineering and Energy, Murdoch University, Australia.

I am indeed glad to witness two prestigious educational institutions working together as a consequence of this partnership to promote their research and development.

By signing the MoU, NIMS University and Murdoch University will forge lasting cooperation and work together to provide training and student exchange programs in the fields of engineering, biomedical sciences, management, humanities, and law, including initiatives for faculty development, digital inclusiveness, and entrepreneurship growth.

The University is made for the students and by the students. I am thrilled to collaborate with Murdoch University on this joint program that will allow our students to lead and benefit in Medical Science and engineering fields like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Data Science.

 Students will have the opportunity to join forces with top scholars in their specialties, thanks to this partnership. It will encourage and open doors not only to academic excellence but also to economic brilliance. This is a massive expansion of the NIMS University collaborative R&D environment. We will be able to pool our knowledge and resources, develop research in important areas of shared interest and more, thanks to the agreement.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement at Murdoch University, Prof. McKirdy, expressed his joy by stating, “At Murdoch, we have the largest number of international students from South Asia, especially India, which makes us aware of the importance of this partnership. We come from parallel worlds, but together, we can change the science as it is and the challenges of the world. Partnerships, as such, allow us to continue to grow as a society and face the adversities that come with it. In the upcoming ten years, we will reach new heights and gain from this MoU. We will grow together, and in the next few months, there will be new opportunities for our students.”

In my capacity as the Chancellor and Chairperson of such a distinguished university, this is a fortunate event. Murdoch University and NIMS University will establish a path of quality, innovation, and mutual prosperity together with NIMS University. As our first MoU is feasible in Australia, I am grateful to our guests who made it possible.

As highlighted by Pro Chancellor- Dr Sanjeev Sharma, “Science is moving in a good way, and there is no better explanation than its integration with healthcare delivery. It is my firm belief that Murdoch University has the plans and thoughts for a better world, but it is at NIMS University who are the hands that will make them true.” The agreement opens the door for a successful and long-lasting partnership that will benefit either institutions, the larger academic community, and society at large. I wish and outstretch my blessings to our students and many yet to join NIMS University Rajasthan to be fortunate to become a part of this partnership one way or another.