IAP Extends Invitation for Keynote Address at 11th National Pediatric Conference

“Embrace the Pursuit of Knowledge: ‘Strive for Learning, Not Earning’ “

On September 22nd, I had the privilege of attending the 11th Annual National Conference of Pediatric Allergy and Applied Immunology Chapter of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, hosted in Jaipur. The conference theme, “Demystifying Allergy to All,” was a testament to the importance of disseminating knowledge in the field.

The event brought together a distinguished group of individuals, including Dr. Jose. O- Chairperson of PAAI, Dr. Krishna Mohan R- Secretary of PAAI, Dr. Uppin Narayan Reddy- Treasurer of PAAI, Dr. Tarun Patni- Org. Chairman, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta- Org. Secretary, Dr. Mohit Poddar- Treasurer, Dr. Manish Sharma- Convenor, Dr. Rajiv K Bansal- Scientific Chairperson, and Dr. Alok Gupta- Scientific Co-chairperson. Additionally, the IAP Jaipur Branch, led by Dr. Ram Babu Sharma- President, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta- Hon. Secretary, and Dr. Mohit Vohra- Treasurer, played a crucial role in organizing the event. It was heartening to see the dedication of CIAP EB members, including Dr. Lakhan Poswal (Udaipur), Dr. Anurag Tomar (Jaipur), and Dr. Pankaj Agarwal (Barmer).

It was an indeed a noble gesture to be present as the Chief Guest of the conference. During my address, I had the opportunity to reflect on my personal journey from a Pediatric Gastroenterologist to the establishment of NIMS University and Hospital. I shared with the young paediatricians that Pediatrics has made significant progress over the past four decades. In the early years, there was a noticeable gap in the field even on an international level, and India was yet to make its mark.

I encouraged the young paediatricians to take a step further in their careers and make significant efforts to contribute to the sub-chapters of Pediatrics. In doing so, I imparted a mantra that has guided me throughout my career: “I never thought of earning; I only looked to strive forward.” I reminded them that challenges would be present, and the initial years might be turbulent, but human ambition knows no bounds. Waiting for fate is not an option; one must exert all their capacity, and fate will respond in kind.

I expressed my pride in witnessing the growth of various branches of Pediatrics in India and noted that while discussing allergies may have been challenging in the past, it has now opened up new opportunities. I expressed hope that Allergy and Immunology could eventually become two distinct branches within Pediatrics.

Following my address, the stage was set for the Guest of Honour, Dr. G V Basavraja- President-Elect, IAP, to share his insights with the young participants. He highlighted the rising membership and active engagement within the Allergy Chapter. Dr. Basavraja also discussed upcoming initiatives, including webinars addressing common issues in pediatric allergy practices and the potential representation of Rajasthan and southern states in the coming year. This diversity and collaboration with Central IAP and the Pediatric Allergy Association of India promise an eventful future for Pediatrics.

The conference was organized around various branches of Pediatrics and featured multiple panels of experts, each focusing on specific aspects of pediatric medicine. This setup provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among professionals in the field.

During the conference, renowned experts addressed modern-age challenges related to Pediatric Allergies, Immunology conditions, and immunological disorders in children. The discussions also delved into advanced diagnostic and treatment options.

In closing, the conference’s remarks centered on the future of pediatric allergy and immunology. The emphasis was on the need for continued research, innovation, and sub-specialization within the field. It is my sincere hope that this forward-looking perspective will inspire young paediatricians to actively contribute to the growth and development of this critical medical discipline.