Diplomacy Meets Academics as NIMS University Confers D. Litt. on Czech Prime Minister Prof. Petr Fiala for Contributions to Humanities and International Governance

On the 11th of January 2024, NIMS University Rajasthan marked an outstanding day in history as it anchored the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Prof. Petr Fiala. This unprecedented event not only marked the first visit of a foreign Prime Minister to an Indian university but also heralded a new era of collaboration between the Czech Republic and India in education, technology, and medical research.

As the Chancellor of NIMS University Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar expressed his enthusiasm about this occasion as he highlighted that Prof. Fiala’s visit is more than just a diplomatic courtesy. It symbolizes the acknowledgment of the educational and technological advancements achieved by Indian institutions. Also, it signifies a commitment to stronger ties and collaborations that rises above geographical boundaries.

In the course of the gathering, the Czech Prime Minister also conveyed praise for the incredible achievements of NIMS University in forging global partnerships and its dedication to providing top-notch education. The Czech Republic’s Prime Minister underscored the university’s efforts in upholding principles that underscore its commitment to science, innovation, and education.

He went on to mention the relations between India and Czech and the growing engagement between the two countries. He highlighted, “International relationships are important in this tough times, and India has set a shining example. India is a medical source and economic power globally, leading companies from Czech like Skoda, Bata, and Avast Antivirus have invested largely in India as the country has special interest in research, science and innovation. Major sectors have made investments in India, which proves the political and infrastructure capacity of India.”

He continued, “We have many sources of inspiration between our nations, both historical and modern. Together, Indian-Czech strategic partnerships in many sectors have started joint initiatives. I am optimistic about the cooperation of international scientific research.”

In recognition of Prof. Petr Fiala’s exceptional contributions in the fields of Humanities, Social Science, Geo-Politics, Innovation-Research, and Internationalization. Nims University honored him with a Doctor of Literature (D.Litt) degree, Honoris Causa. This prestigious honour is surefire evidence of the Prime Minister’s scholarly excellence and his significant impact on national and international governance.

The conferral of a D. Litt. degree is a way for institutions to honor and celebrate individuals who have left an unforgettable positive mark on the world of letters.

The university organized a Special Convocation that united distinguished dignitaries and scholars to acknowledge and applaud the outstanding accomplishments of Prof. Fiala, who holds both a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and a Doctor of Laws (LL.M.) degrees, serves as a paragon of scholarly excellence. His influential contributions extend to shaping policies and promoting diplomatic relations, establishing him as a visionary thought leader who adeptly combines academic expertise with pragmatic insights into law and international affairs.

Dr. Eliska Zigova, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to India, also expressed great enthusiasm for the India-Czech situation, “Czech Republic has always had a good relationship with India. But we believe in the future, which means education and science. H.E. Petr Fiala is the Prime Minister of the country and the head of government of Czech. His presence here shows the importance of global collaboration.”

She added more, “For an Ambassador, this is a visit that shows me that we have a bright future ahead in science innovation and education. Let’s aim for a bright future, India and Czech together.”

It is a recognition of intellectual achievement, creativity, and a lifelong commitment to the advancement and enrichment of scholarly expeditions. While the specific criteria may vary, the overarching theme is a profound and lasting contribution to the field.

The event boasted a distinguished gathering, including Dr. Eliska Zigova, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to India, Tomas Pojar, National Security Advisor, and Jiri Kozak, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. The presence of individuals like Petra Fojtikova, Director-General of the Prime Minister’s Office, and Vladimir Marik, Director of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics, added administrative finesse and diverse perspectives to the occasion.

The visit of Prof. Petr Fiala to NIMS University has surged a historic wave in diplomatic, educational, and medical collaborations between the Czech Republic and India. It signifies a shared commitment to global innovation, knowledge exchange, and cultural understanding. As Nims University continues to be a forerunner of advancements in medical research and international collaboration, this event will undoubtedly shape the future of education and healthcare in the region and beyond.