Rajasthan Healthcare Conclave

Address at the 3rd Edition of Rajasthan Healthcare Conclave

On July 21st, 2023, I had the privilege of attending the 3rd Edition of Rajasthan Healthcare Conclave. The ceremony was divided into three parts, starting with the Inaugural session led by the warm remarks of the Chairman of CII Rajasthan, Mr. Abhinav Bhantia and Mr. Nitin Gupta, Confederation of Indian Industry Senior Director & Head-Rajasthan Confederation of Indian Industry, followed by a second session, ‘Innovations shaping the Future of Healthcare in India’ led by Session Chairman Mr. Vishal Baid, Past Chairman-CII Rajasthan & President, Polymedicure Ltd and final session on the topic, ‘Role of New Policy interventions in delivering Quality Healthcare,’ addressed by the session Chairman, Dr. Sarvesh Agarwal, Co-Convenor-Panel on Healthcare 2023-24 & Chief Executive Officer Rajasthan Hospitals Ltd.

The focus of the Conclave was ‘Creating Rajasthan Healthcare Conclave Future Ready Healthcare Ecosystem & Promoting Medical Tourism.’ The ceremony was graced by remarkable figures from across the state who had served eminently to expand the healthcare stature of India and posed as my fellow panelists adorning the first panel.

The initial address to the first session of the Conclave began with Mr. Dilip Jose, Co-Chairman, Chairman of CII Healthcare Council and Managing Director & CEO of Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd and Dr. Sudhir Bhandari, Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan University of Health Sciences (RUHS). Dr. Bhandari highlighted the need for strong monitoring requirements across the country, statistics on organ transplants and Robotic Surgeries. 

Next, the discourse was taken over by the Chief Guest, Smt. Shubhra Singh ADDL Chief Secretary- Medical & Health Government of Rajasthan. Smt. Singh, in service for 10+ years Government of India, gave a brief speech on the holistic and quality standards of Healthcare achieved and addressed the policies of the state government along with Telemedicine, ICU Telehealthcare and Tele-radiology. 

Further, the podium was administered by Dr. M.K. Ramesh, Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences & Former President of PG Board, National Medical Commission and Dr. Dharminder Nagar, Chairman of CII Regional Committee on Healthcare & Managing Director Paras Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Dr. M. K. Ramesh advised on a better distribution of doctors and encouraged the low-income sectors at rural grounds to lead a confident health system. Dr. Dharminder Nagar said, “India has a goldilocks moment in healthcare. Digitalization and innovation is the key. We must all, as stakeholders, encourage, finance and help the ecosystem. We have to challenge the assumptions and the guidelines followed by the West.”

Here and now, I was summoned to address the board audience. Although I had met with an accident a day before, I felt overjoyed to commemorate an event that is truly a milestone in the pursuit of promoting medical excellence, medical tourism and future-ready Healthcare. As an academician, I felt a need to address the youngsters on the second innings of life through the inspiring story of Mathematician C. Radhakrishna Rao, who scaled great heights in his second innings of life. Especially those who are enabling digital technology in Healthcare, I spoke thoroughly on Telemedicine, the importance of analyzing complex med data, Wearable Technology, Genetic Modifications, VI and AR, 3D bio-printing, and Regeneratory Medicines.

I continued, further focusing on the encouragement of the state on civil population, which allowed 95% Health and Mental care under PMJAY. I redirected my emphasis on Medical Tourism, stating that Rajasthan is a popular destination for healthcare tourism, given the ease of VISA and International Jaipur Airport. We should be proud that India attracts about 2 million medical tourists from 78 countries, majorly South Asia, which is bound to grow by 30 million by 2026. We provide the most affordable Healthcare, i.e., 30% lower in cost as compared to the West, which scored us 10th rank in the Medical Tourism Index. 

I concluded with, “There is a sense of urgency to improve Healthcare, associated corporate sectors and medical resources at the time.”

After my conclusion, the speech was taken forward by the Special Address of Abbas Abdullah as invited as a guest country due to blooming medical partnerships considering another medical operation in Nigeria. 

The second session of the Conclave called attention to the ‘Innovations shaping the Future of Healthcare in India’ with key highlights of Creating Healthcare Infrastructure Future Ready, Telemedicine & Tele ICU: TeleHealth, Medical Tourism and Preparation for Rare Diseases. Mr. Vishal Baid, Past Chairman of CII Rajasthan & President of Polymedicure Ltd., Began the session with a brief welcome speech and invited Dr. S.S. Agarwal, Chairman of Rajasthan Hospitals Ltd., to speak on Creating Future Ready Healthcare Infrastructure. Dr. Agarwal counseled the five key pillars to create a future-ready healthcare ecosystem, namely, Advanced infrastructure, Skilled manpower, Patient centricity, Preventive community involvement and Research & Innovation. He also proposed the necessity of med-tech that has to be Nature Friendly.

Following the speech, a prominent representative of the second panel, Prof. (Dr.) Sundeep Mishra, Vice Chancellor of NIMS University Rajasthan, expressed the Goal of Medicine. Dr. Mishra discussed the ‘Changing Democratic Profile of Healthcare’ along with the increase in lifestyle diseases and consumer demand for a better and qualified healthcare system. He addressed the challenges of creating a flexible healthcare system and the urgency to move ahead of old-fashioned ways. 

He further stated solutions such as the Integration of technology, the newly emerging need for hospitals to reach out to people, the welfare of the community and human rights. He continued to shed light on Data Security, Nanotechnology, and Cyborgs in the medical industry. Before concluding, he stated, “Innovation is changing through Finances, while block chain and data security are changing the way a patient will have access to data.”

The session was followed by fellow speakers on the topics, ‘Role of Telemedicine & Tele lCUs’ on the need for Tele-ICU and Software Solutions, ‘Preparation for Rare Diseases’ showcasing the transformation and financial sustenance needed in the sector and ‘Role of availability of latest Medical Devices at the affordable rate,’ highlighting the huge dependency on the medical devices, operation through import and the predisposed idea of imported products. 

In its third session, the Conclave explored the “Role of New Policy interventions in delivering Quality Healthcare,” with particular attention paid to making emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness Packages, Startups in Healthcare, Creating a Conducive Healthcare Medical Environment for All and Medical Education. ‘Medical Education in Private Sector/Hospitals’ was the topic of a lecture by the keynote Speaker Dr. Abhijat Sheth, President National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences, which was introduced by Dr. Sarvesh Agarwal Co Convenor-Panel on Healthcare 2023-24 & CEO Rajasthan Hospitals Ltd. The third session further covered topics based on Nutritional Innovation & role of millets for Healthcare, Startups in Healthcare, and Technological Advancements in Medical Devices & their impact, followed by closing remarks and a humble exit of the board members.